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Image by Andrew Neel

Since I started working in the personal finance industry, I've seen it help people make decisions with their money that are truly life-changing.

Hell, the education I got on my freelance writing journey saved my life.

I was able to afford a wedding, buy a house, and adopt 4 insanely cute animals (all in the same year), all because I got my sh** together. 

My goal has always been simply to help folks through financial writing that's actually interesting and actionable. I know, sounds wild, right?


Personal finance education can change lives.

What I do

To put it simply: I like to create things.


Infusing the written word with a spark of creativity and a bit of humor is my specialty.


Years ago, I found a surprising, albeit, odd space to let this creativity flourish: personal finance. 

Straight out of college, and after about 150 job applications (seriously), I landed a writing gig for a personal finance blog. I was extremely excited about the job (and not just because I needed to move out of my parents' house).


 I was in my mid-twenties and had no clue about my own finances - maybe I could help others and learn along the way. Oh yeah, and get paid to do it!

Fast forward over five years and I've been a writer and editor in the personal finance space and I actually feel like I'm truly making a difference. 

When not writing financial content, you can find me reading (or attempting to write) a good book, hiking with my husband and our dog, or just binging any version of House Hunters surrounded by my three cats. 


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